Jun 052014

I wrote an in-depth review and analysis of the Discovery show “Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives,” (airing June 1) in which a tongue-hungry Yeti is accused of killing 9 Russian skiers in 1959. You can read the piece exclusively on Doubtful News!

  2 Responses to “Review and In-Depth Analysis of Discovery Show “Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives””

  1. I just watched the June 1st special on demand. My overall view and true feeling is just that of the American hikers and the translator reporter’s thoughts ( Mike and Maria). That yes, indeed the hickers were killed by the yeti. I believe that the Yeti was probably frightened by the same bright light and noise that the hikers captured on film. I believe that is what caused the attack and killing of the hikers.

  2. I hope to see and hear a followup on the Russian Yeti.

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