Selected Press Appearances

I do press and media interviews monthly (sometimes weekly) and thus this list is necessarily incomplete and out of date, but here's a small sampling...


Good Day New Mexico, KOB-TV, NBC affiliate, 2015 America: Facts Vs. Fiction, American Heroes Channel (two episodes), 2015 The Dead Files: Guardians of the Dead (Season premiere), The Travel Channel, 2015 Greenhouse: Climate Change Vs. Bigfoot, MSNBC, 2015 America: Facts Vs. Fiction, American Heroes Channel (three episodes), 2014 Good Day New Mexico, KOB-TV, NBC affiliate, 2014 “Mysterious Cattle Mutilation Signs” KOB Eyewitness News, 2014 Ghosts of Old Town, New Mexico True TV. KASA-TV, 2014 Your Bleeped Up Brain, H2 (History 2) Channel, Four-part series, 2013 Good Morning America: "Loch Ness Monster," 2012, ABC Television Daily Planet: “Chupacabra” 2011, Discovery Canada MysteryQuest: “The Real Amityville Horror” 2010, KPI / Discovery Channel “Messengers” (Pilot) 2009, Lou Reda Productions Big Urban Myth Show: “Kidney Theft”2003, MTV Big Urban Myth Show: “Pokemon Hysteria” 2003, MTV Miracle Detectives: “Holy Apparitions” 2010, Pilgrim Films / OWN Channel MonsterQuest: “Chupacabra” 2008, White Wolf / Discovery Channel MonsterQuest: “America’s Loch Ness Monster” 2009, White Wolf / Discovery Channel “America’s Loch Ness Monster” 2005, Learning Channel Daily Planet: “Igopogo Lake Monster” 2007, Discovery Canada “Encounters” (Pilot) 2004, Dirty Rig Prod. /Ontario, Canada “Larry Barker Investigates” 2009, KRQE News Is It Real?: Ogopogo. 2008, National Geographic Television Is It Real?: Ghost Ships. 2009, National Geographic Television Is It Real?: Bigfoot. 2008, National Geographic Television Is It Real?: Sleepwalking. 2008, National Geographic Television And dozens of local TV stations across the country.


Albuquerque: The Magazine, March 2015 Outside magazine, March 2013 Corrales Comment newspaper, film reviews and travelogues, 2007-present PLos (Public Library of Science) blog, 2012 Time magazine blog, February 2012 The New York Times, May 25, 2011: conspiracy theories Chicago Tribune, October 21, 2009: culture of celebrity Vanity Fair, December 2009: predator panics The New York Times, November 10, 2009: ghost investigations Kansas City Star, May 2, 2009: rumors, media panics, and urban legends USA Today, November 12, 2009, 2012 apocalypse fears Psychology Today, March 2003, mass hysteria New Scientist, December 23, 2000: Bigfoot Associated Press, various dates and topics Ladies Home Journal, July 2007: ‘The Secret’ pseudoscience Kansas City Star, June 3, 2005: conspiracies Pittsburgh Tribune, January 4, 2008: hypnosis and psychology London Free Press News, August 25, 2003: crop circles The Week, November 7, 2003: Halloween urban legends Kansas City Star, August 13, 2008: Bigfoot The National Enquirer(!), March 1, 2004: urban legends Kansas City Star, May 24, 2003: media hype New York Daily News, October 31, 2002: ghost investigation Kansas City Star, September 30, 2002: urban legends Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 17, 2002: Bigfoot Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, September 21, 2002: Bigfoot Noticias (Spanish language), July 9, 2005: urban legends Fortean Times, various dates and topics The Buffalo News, March 20, 2007: ‘The Secret’ pseudoscience Playthings magazine, February 2007: Barbie dolls and feminism Idaho State Journal, May 20, 2007: Bigfoot Weekly Alibi newspaper: various dates and topics The Wall Street Journal, August 23, 2007: predator panics Syracuse New Times, June 2, 2004: lake monsters The Buffalo News, June 15, 2007: labyrinths Daily Courier (British Columbia, Canada), July 27, 2005: lake monsters The Albuquerque Journal, August 2, 2009: ghost investigation The Albuquerque Journal, April 15, 2011: chupacabra Skeptic, various dates and topics North Jersey Herald News, October 24, 1999: urban legends Cincinnati Enquirer, October 31, 2005: dowsing Scienza & Paranormale (Italy), July 2000: 10% of the brain myth Noticias (Spanish language), April 9, 2004: 10% of the brain myth Pensar (Spanish language): various dates and topics Southern Medical Journal, February 2001: Pokemon panic VIVA (Spanish language), August 2007: lake monsters Buffalo Spree magazine, September 2005: paranormal investigation Jackson Hole Star Tribune, October 15, 2007: ghost hoaxes

Radio & Podcasts

The Edge of the Unknown radio show 16Miles2Hell show (several episodes) Big Mad Morning Show (KMOD Tulsa) 94 Rock Morning Show (KZRR with Swami Rob) Paranormal Kool-Aid show Grand Dark Conspiracy Sasquatch Detective Radio Think Atheist Show on Blog Talk Radio Beyond Ghosts paranormal podcast CBC Radio with Rob Breakenridge Paradigm Shift radio Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx Mancow Muller Show Strange Universe NewsTalk Radio Ireland Milenio 3 (Spain) MonsterTalk The Paranormal Podcast Strange Frequencies Radio Skeptics Guide to the Universe Skepticality Paradigm Shift radio Paranexus Universe Radio FATE Radio show Grand Dark Conspiracy show And hundreds of other radio stations across the country and around the world.

Online News

Yahoo News Life’s Little NBC News ABC BBC News CBC Fox News MSNBC Christian Science Monitor, August 31, 2007: predator panics, May 16, 2005: faked abduction reports, various dates and topics PBS TeacherSource, May 23, 2006: predator panic, various dates and topics, various dates and topics The Sunday Times (U.K.): male victims of domestic violence FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting), April 1,2009: predator panics, October 31, 2009: Halloween panics, May 11, 2004: urban legends (dark side of the moon), February 26, 2001: Pokemon panic