Aug 182011

Welcome to the Ultimate Chupacabra Quiz! Test your knowledge of one of the world’s top cryptozoology stars with this quiz for fun and prizes. Yes, from now until January 1, 2012, you have a chance to win chupagoodies with your knowledge of this vampire beast.

The Grand prize is a signed copy of my highly-regarded book Tracking the Chupacabra: The Vampire Beast in Fact, Fiction, and Folklore (for those who answer all 20 questions correctly). First Prize is a Limited Edition signed and numbered 4 X 6 photo of the Cuero chupacabra (for those who answer 15 or more of the questions correctly). To enter, e-mail a screen capture of your final score to this address, along with your mailing address. Contest is open to the first 100 winners in either category.

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Apr 122014

A scary update on a tragic story I wrote about a few months ago: An Asian-American couple has been found guilty of killing their daughter to sell her organs. Belief in rumors and urban legends can have very bad consequences…. You can read the story HERE. 

Mar 272014

On May 26, 1828, a teenager was found wandering a public square in what is now Nuremberg, Germany. He wore tattered clothing and clutched an envelope containing two letters. The first was addressed to the captain of a local cavalry regiment asking him to take the young lad into his charge, apparently written by an anonymous poor laborer who found and raised the abandoned boy but who could no longer keep him. A second letter, dated 1812 and unsigned but apparently written by his mother, stated that the boy’s father was no longer alive, that she could not take care of him, and he was being sent to join the military…

You can read my piece HERE.

Mar 252014

A woman in Germany claims she was hypnotized outside of a supermarket, put into a trance, and later woke up at home having been robbed. There’s a certain creepy Gothic allure to the idea that a mesmerizing stranger can ask you to stare deeply into his eyes, or ask you to follow a pocketwatch swaying seductively to and fro and listen to him count backwards into a hypnotic trance. But is it real?

You can read my article HERE.