The Merchant of Dust

Merchant of DustThe Merchant of Dust is the story of a young man's attempt to thwart a U.S. Senate hopeful who is responsible his father's death, first by joining his opponent´s campaign, then by uncovering his role in a church sex scandal. He soon finds danger lurking close to home, however, when an unsafe mining industry, in league with the Senate hopeful, threatens his hometown. The Merchant of Dust is set during a 1987 New Mexico senate race. When Mark, a young man from the small desert town of Thoreau, finds out that Watt (a man he blames for his father´s death) is running for U.S. Senator from New Mexico, he gets involved in the race. With the help of a beautiful Hispanic TV reporter and a private eye, Mark discovers a scandal involving the Archdiocese of of Santa Fe, payoffs, and cover ups. When a mining company linked to Watt tries to open an unsafe uranium mine near Thoreau, Mark goes undercover to gather evidence of safety violations. Mark eventually blackmails Watt out of the Senate race, but his trials and betrayals have just begun. . . Purchase at || Read an excerpt