Squaring the Strange

Squaring the Strange #155: Episode 155 – The Soothing Sounds of Woo: Vibrational and Sound Healing

New episode of Squaring the Strange is out! We discuss the recent Snopes plagiarism revelations and put it into context, and then look at sound therapy and vibrational healing. If you're not quite sure what "Vibrational Medicine" is, join the club! You can listen HERE!

Squaring the Strange # 149: The Beast of Gévaudan with Jay Smith

Our recent episode of Squaring the Strange had as our guest historian Jay Smith, who joins us to talk about the murderous 18th century French monster known as the Beast of Gévaudan, thought by some to be a werewolf, a hyena, or perhaps even some...

Squaring the Strange # 148 – Steak-Umms and the 2001 Monkey Man Panic!

For this episode we are joined by a surprise guest, the critical thinker behind the Steak-Umms popular brand voice (aka Nathan Allebach), who talks to us about targeting misinformation as a PR strategy, managing viral posts, and the brand's recent dustup with Neil...