Jun 152012

Huffington Post’s Lee Speigel did a nice piece about the so-called sunken UFO in the Baltic Sea, a story I wrote about and did follow-ups on. I’m quoted in his piece, which you can read HERE. 

May 252012

My investigation of a mysterious video allegedly of an angel seen in an Indonesian shopping mall was carried by several news outlets last week; you can read one story HERE.

Mar 172012

March 13 marked the 15-year anniversary of the Phoenix Lights phenomenon. Unexplained lights could be seen in Nevada, New Mexico, California and Arizona that night….

Having investigated several of the Phoenix Lights cases, I was asked to comment by a Phoenix radio station; you can read a piece HERE.

Feb 042012

Recently news surfaced about a mysterious sunken possible UFO found in the Baltic Sea. The story sounded very familiar to me, as I’d written about it last year. I ewas asked by LiveScience.com to investigate, and I found something really interesting, something CNN, ABC News, and all the other mainstream news media missed…. You can read the story HERE. 

Dec 312011

As we head inexorably toward 2012, I wrote a piece for Discovery News looking back at some of the strangest mysteries of this past year, and some of the mysteries that remain with us as we enter the new year.

What’s behind, and what’s ahead?  You can read the story HERE. 

Dec 292011

Tens of thousands of people gathered recently in Moscow’s Bolotnaya Square to protest against the regime of Vladimir Putin and his party. But amid the pro-democracy chants and police presence, there was a mysterious visitor: An unidentified craft was spotted hovering high above the event.

UFO or something more mundane?

You can read the full story HERE.

Dec 252011

Recently a “UFO” was spotted cruising down a main street in Cowley County, Kansas. It wasn’t in the skies, but instead being hauled on a flatbed truck driving down the middle of US Highway 77.

From at least one angle, the strange-shape aircraft resembled a saucer, and was covered by what appeared to be an industrial-strength tarp (or perhaps a badly malfunctioning cloaking device). Read the full story HERE.

Nov 132011

On Friday night Oct. 28, four bright lights were seen and videotaped during a high school football game in Scottsdale, Ariz., near Phoenix. The strange lights, which were seen by hundreds of people and videotaped by at least two of them, seemed to move slowly in the sky, sometimes blinking randomly. The entire sighting lasted for about a minute and a half, and spurred many to wonder if UFOs were invading. It seemed a genuine mystery, until a little investigation revealed something interesting! You can read the story HERE.

Nov 032011

I’m pleased to announce that my sixth book, The Martians Have Landed! A History of Media-Driven Panics and Hoaxes, is now available.

The book is co-authored with sociologist Robert Bartholomew (who also co-authored my first book back in 2003, Hoaxes Myths, and Manias: Why We Need Critical Thinking). Bob and I also co-authored a report on the Pokemon Panic which solved the mystery and was published in the prestigious Southern Medical Journal.

The Martians Have Landed! surveys a wide breadth of social panics and scares that were fueled by the mass media, from classics like the 1938 War of the Worlds scare by Orson Welles and the Halley’s Comet panic of 1910, to recent panics like murders following Hurricane Katrina and anti-vaccination fears. Other topics include Morgellons disease; the Ghost Slasher of Taipei; radio disc jockey hoaxes; the bird flu panic; the Bat-men on the Moon hoax; shark attack panics; urban legends; the Curse of the Crying Boy paintings; e-mail virus panics, mass hysterias, and much more. In all there are nearly 40 chapters by experts around the world. Some are hoaxes; others are merely misunderstandings that got out of control. Some are now largely forgotten, while others still have a clear effect on us today and will shape society into the future.

I contributed about half the chapters, including on phantom clowns, contrails, Satanic scares, predator panics, kidney theft, and how the Puerto Rican media fueled concern over a certain blood-sucking beast you may have heard of….

Autographed copies of the book can be purchased from me at my Web site for $36 (includes free shipping), or at your local independent bookstore, or at Amazon.com and elsewhere. The cover price is $40.

Oct 122011

According to film producer Raul Julia-Levy, extraterrestrials contacted the Mayan civilization in Mexico thousands of years ago — and he claims he’ll prove it in an upcoming film, “Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond.” Unproven claims of ancient astronauts in the Americas have been made for decades, most prominently by Erich von Daniken, author of the best-selling classic work of pseudoscience Chariots of the Gods.

You can read the whole article at Space.com. 

Oct 112011

On the evening of Oct. 1, a series of strange lights were seen in the skies over the city of Washington Terrace, in northern Utah. The UFOs — more than a dozen in all — were first seen just after 11:30 p.m. and glowed a strange fiery red as they as they headed north at an estimated speed of about 70 mph according to one eyewitness. The lights were only seen for a few minutes before disappearing into the night sky.

Spooky, huh? Well, maybe not, after some investigation; read the full story on MSNBC HERE.

Sep 082011

I did an interesting interview with Leslie Kean, author of a recent book titled UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record. Of particular interest was the fact that one of the high-profile UFO photos she discussed in her book has since been revealed as a hoax (to her credit, Kean acknowledges this). Some UFO believers have complained I was too hard on her, and some skeptics have complained I was too easy on her. Overall I think it’s a fair piece, but decide for yourself.

Read the piece on Discovery News HERE.

Aug 312011

“Free your breasts! Free your mind!”

That’s the rallying cry of the group GoTopless.org, which held a series of recent events around North America promoting a woman’s right to bare her breasts in public. Is this pro-nudity, equal rights group an unlikely covert front for Bible-thumping creationists?

Read the full story at Life’s Little Mysteries HERE. 

Aug 252011

According to a Chinese newspaper, air traffic at a major Chinese airport was temporarily halted on Wednesday Aug. 17 — not because of a power failure or bad weather, but because of a potentially threatening Unidentified Floating Object….It’s amazing what a little research can uncover.

Read the LiveScience.com story HERE.