Mar 172014

I recently got the following email with the subject line, “Question of Astral Projection of Non-Believer.” Due to my workload and the volume of e-mails I get I often can’t address everyone who contacts me, but when possible I try to give a personal response, especially if I might help the person or spread some critical thinking. Often the queries I get provide insight into the psychology of eyewitness experiences of the paranormal.

You can read it HERE.

Feb 212014
My chapter in a new book: “In a vibrant four-color format, ‘The Sundance Reader’ features more than 70 essays drawn from a range of academic disciplines and professions. This rich collection of engaging essays and articles emphasizes critical thinking, careful analysis, and effective writing and composition skills. Topics include environment, culture, social issues, the media, and business. Selections include works by William Safire, Jessica Valenti, Robert Reich, Benjamin Radford, and Al Gore.”
You can see more about, and buy, the book HERE.
Sundance book
Feb 192014

My new article on two conspiracy theorists who vandalized an Egyptian pyramid, with a closer look at their nonsensical claims: “Suggesting that people from Plato’s Atlantis built the pyramids is like saying people from Tolkien’s Middle Earth built the pyramids, or inhabitants of Superman’s home planet of Krypton built the pyramids — it makes no sense, because they’re fictional characters.”

You can read the story HERE.

Feb 082014

People who have stigmata exhibit wounds that duplicate or represent those that Jesus is said to have endured during his crucifixion. The wounds typically appear on the stigmatic’s hands and feet (as from crucifixion spikes) and also sometimes on the side (as from a spear) and hairline (as from a crown of thorns).

I researched the topic and wrote about it for; you can read it HERE.

Jan 052014

Long discussed in eyewitness reports and folklore, proving the presence of mysterious lights associated with earthquakes was difficult. But it seems they’re rare-but-real. According to Sharon Hill of Doubtful News, “As a geologist who has studied anomalous phenomena connected to earthquakes, this is an excellent step forward to understanding earthquake lights. This will be of interest to Forteans, anomalists, geophysicists and even UFO chasers!”

Read the Doubtful News piece HERE!


Jan 022014

Ken Burns’s recent documentary The Central Park Five tells the story of five Black and Latino teenagers arrested in 1989 for the brutal rape and assault of a white jogger in New York’s Central Park. The teens were widely portrayed in the press as part of a “wolf pack” in the midst of a Central Park “wilding” spree that included vandalism, assault, rape, and attempted murder…

My new piece about this important case of injustice, false accusations, and false confessions can be found HERE.