Apr 282016

I am quoted in a chapter on werewolves in a new book about horror writing and Stephen King! I haven’t seen it yet, but that’s what The Google is telling me! I’ll have to check it out soon!





You can find more on me and my work with a search for “Benjamin Radford” (not “Ben Radford”) on Vimeo.

Apr 252016

I was recently a guest on the Atheist Nomads show, episode 141, in which I discussed lots of things, from my chupacabra research to Mormons to Scientology. You can listen HERE.


You can find more on me and my work with a search for “Benjamin Radford” (not “Ben Radford”) on Vimeo.

Jan 272016

Late last year I recorded about a dozen short (1-2 minute) segments for a NPR station on various skeptical subjects. Here are five of the audio segments now available on YouTube, on the subject of the chupacabra. You can find them HERE.

You can find more on me and my work with a search for “Benjamin Radford” (not “Ben Radford”) on Vimeo.

Jan 122016

My not-entirely-resume-building appearance on the Swedish-language show “Jimmy’s Sick World” discussing the chupacabra is now out, for those who are interested… you can find it HERE.

jimmy world

You can find more on me and my work with a search for “Benjamin Radford” (not “Ben Radford”) on Vimeo.

Oct 022015

In reviewing my shelf of ghost hunting books for a book chapter I’m writing I noted that the author of two 2011 books on ghosts and ghost hunting writes that she “is new to the paranormal community, having entered field investigation in 2008.” Doing a bit of math and knowing the lead time it takes for a book to be edited and published, I realized that she could not have had more than three years of experience (and probably closer to two) before she felt like she knew enough about ghost hunting to proclaim herself an expert and write two books on the topic. I needed at least five years to become an expert on the chupacabra, which is a far narrower subject. Ghost hunting books are rife with self-proclaimed experts whose experience is watching TV and taking ghost tours…

You can find more on me and my work with a search for “Benjamin Radford” (not “Ben Radford”) on Vimeo.

Sep 202015

I’ll be giving a presentation on my chupacabra investigation to the Albuquerque SciFi Society on October 9 at 7:30 PM; the origin of the chupacabra has interesting origins with H.R. Giger and the film “Species.” You can find out more HERE. 


You can find more on me and my work with a search for “Benjamin Radford” (not “Ben Radford”) on Vimeo.

Sep 022015

Had a great time speaking at this year’s Bubonicon as this years guest Science Speaker discussing my chupacabra research (which, if you’re familar with it, you know has an interesting link to H.R. Giger and a certain science fiction/horror film). A good turnout, interested and intelligent crowd, and good questions. Always fun!

Aug 272015

I’m finishing an interesting article on the pseudohistories of the chupacabra: The Hispanic vampire turns 20 this month and was created in large part by the 1995 film “Species.” However those who believe the monster exists have offered a wide variety of completely fictional “true” histories of the chupacabra… Look for it in an upcoming issue of Skeptical Inquirer magazine!

Jul 102015

An audio recording of me reading the first chapter from my book “Tracking the Chupacabra” is available for free on my web site HERE. Did they edit out my profanity and overheated Shatner-esque delivery? Find out!

Jun 182015

I was a guest on the “After Dark Radio Show” recently, talking about everything from ghost hunting pseudoscience to the 1967 Patterson Bigfoot film to the nature of skepticism. Check it out, you can read it HERE. 

Feb 282015
My appearance earlier this week on Albuquerque NBC affiliate KOB talking about my chupacabra research is now online. Overall it’s a pretty good piece, I did my best to summarize my book and 5 years of research into 3 minutes… You can watch it HERE. 


Feb 012015

A Chilean farmer recently found a pair of partly mummified animals in a wine cellar. Of course the obvious explanation is “chupacabra,” though as I explain it’s almost certainly not… yes, the little vampire beastie just won’t die. You can read the story HERE.

Jan 182015

I was recently interviewed by UNM Prof. V.B. Price for New Mexico Mercury magazine, in which I  talked about my new book Mysterious New Mexico, skepticism, and investigations. Who got upset by my book? Find out!

The five-question interview is available online HERE. 

Jan 122015

On Thursday January 8 I  appeared live on MSNBC to talk about how climate change might affect unknown animals such as Bigfoot and the chupacabra. My research into the subject, done in part as preparation for the interview, will appear in a forthcoming issue of Skeptical Inquirer. You can see the show HERE. 

Dec 112014

Delightful midevalist Eve Siebert wrote an encomium for me. I love it!

“Hwæt we æglæcena banan in geardagum wyrhta wundra þrym gefrunon, hu se hærleas ellen fremedon. Oft Hrædferhð heard in heortan feaht ða unsoðan feondas mid his meahte wordum. He sloh buccan sugeran mid his scearpre boce. Þæt wæs god tweonere.”

“Yes, we have heard in the days of yore of the glory of the monster-slayer, the worker of wonders, how the hairless one performed deeds of valor. Often Hrædferhð (Nimble Mind), brave in heart, fought the unreal fiends with his mighty words. He slew the suckers of goats with his sharp book. That was a good skeptic.”


Nov 022014

My research on the chupacabra is cited in the recent book “Encyclopedia of Latino Culture: From Calaveras to Quinceañeras.” Kind of cool, I guess. You can see it HERE. 

 Books, Chupacabra, Folklore, News  Comments Off on My Chupacabra Research is cited in Encyclopedia of Latino Culture: From Calaveras to Quinceañeras.”
Oct 052014

My recent guest appearance on The Edge of the Unknown Radio Show is now up, wherein I discuss skepticism, investigations, and some mysteries covered in my new book. Check it out HERE!

Sep 222014



BR ABQ1In the current issue of “Albuquerque: The Magazine” I’m interviewed in a one-page feature in the Culture section talking about my investigations and new book Mysterious New Mexico! Check it out!

Sep 182014

On Saturday Sept. 20 I’ll be giving a free talk at the Taylor Ranch Library in Albuquerque, New Mexico, from 2-3 PM. I’ll be discussing my research into (and solving the mystery of) the Hispanic vampire beast El Chupacabra. I’ll also be talking about and signing copies of my new book Mysterious New Mexico: Mirackes, Magic, and Monsters in the Land of Enchantment. So stop by and check it 0ut!

Sep 152014

I was recently a guest on the Edge of the Unknown radio show, talking about skepticism, investigation, and my new book Mysterious New Mexico! It will be rebroadcast at various times this week, and be archived, you can find it HERE. 10615584_878928825470278_2036299068539304112_n

Dec 222013

Last month I appeared on the Edge of the Unknown Radio on the All 1 Broadcast Network, and talked about a wide variety of weird and non-weird things. It was a fun show, and you can listen to it HERE. 


Nov 292013

An article in the Arizona Star newspaper about the chupacabra gives a decent summary and credits my book “Tracking the Chupacabra” with solving the mystery!  It’s also a pretty good read, check it out HERE .


For a thorough treatment of the chupacabras, its history, and its probable explanations, read Tracking the Chupacabra: The Vampire Beast in Fact, Fiction, and Folklore by Benjamin Radford (Albuquerque: The University of New Mexico Press, 2011.)

Sep 052013

A Texas rancher named Phylis Canion believes that a strange, hairless bluish-skinned animal she discovered on her property in 2007 may be the mythical, vampiric beast called “el chupacabra,” said to be responsible for draining the blood from goats, chickens, and other livestock… My analysis is on Discovery News, and you can read it HERE!

Jun 182013
Vampire leader miniature for Undead Apocalypse game.

Vampire leader miniature for Undead Apocalypse game.

As you may know, I have created and designed a new board game called Undead Apocalypse. It’s a cool mashup up zombies, werewolves, vampires, and humans, all battling it out in a post-apocalyptic world.


What’s the game about? This:

The year is 2060. After World War III the people of Earth thought it couldn’t get any worse; they were wrong. The nuclear devastation was bad enough, reducing once-great cities to rubble and forcing hardy survivors to scavenge for resources. But soon—whether the result of radiation, toxins, or supernatural wrath—ancient evils long thought mere legend awoke and took hold in the real world.

First it was vampires—bands of merciless undead who roamed the land, sucking the blood from whatever could not defend itself. Then came the relentless zombies, the rotten flesh-eaters who staggered through ruined cities in search of brains and other organs. Then savage werewolves suddenly emerged, springing from now-overgrown forests to feed on humans, zombies, and vampires alike. Leaders of each group arose—including half-human mutations with intelligence and feral cunning—to scavenge food and weapons, including chainsaws and machine guns, left behind in the wasteland.

Though undead ravaged the Earth, hope for mankind was not lost: Clans of humans remained scattered around Europe in small enclaves, trying to rebuild civilization. While the fearsome monsters had brute strength and supernatural powers capable of transforming humans into their kind with a mere bite, human scientists developed a vaccine capable of transforming the undead back into living humans.

Rumors soon spread of unholy grimoires—ancient magic books—hidden among the ruins that could be found and assembled to achieve even greater power. Using science and magic, these four groups are now engaged in the final war in Earth’s history. This would become known as the Undead Apocalypse: War of the Damned.


Please check out the Kickstarter campaign HERE, and consider donating to the campaign so we can make this game become a reality! And tell your friends–even if you’re not into board games or monsters, you probably have friends who are, and would appreciate the chance to be part of this!


Nov 302012

I was recently interviewed about monsters and cryptozoology by a Spanish newspaper… I can read it, but I can’t translate the whole thing. The title is, “Where Monsters Dwell”!

If you habla the espanol, you can read it HERE!

Oct 312012

I’ve been writing a lot recently, especially for the great web site LiveScience.com, discussing the truths, myths, history and lore of some of the world’s most famous monsters. Below are recent pieces about vampires, zombies, and werewolves… Enjoy!


Vampires: The Real History



Werewolves: Lore, Legend, and Lycanthropy



Zombies: The Real Story of the Undead


Oct 212012

Did you know that I created a free 10-part e-mail course on the basics of scientific paranormal investigation? Even if you’ve taken my workshop or read my award-nominated book “Scientific Paranormal Investigation,” you’ll probably learn something new & interesting!

You can sign up for it HERE!

Oct 152012

I will be speaking at the University of South Florida on Tuesday Oct. 16th at 7 pm on “Reflections on a Decade of Paranormal Investigation.” There will be a wine and cheese reception at 6:30, with a book signing and Q&A afterwards. Skeptics and believers are welcome; come out and say hi! The talk is free, and the event will take place at the TECO Room (first floor of the Education Building).

 Second Appearance:

For those who can’t make it, I will also be speaking the next night, Wednesday the 17th, for the Tampa Bay Skeptics, at 7:00 PM at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa, 1400 Morris Bridge Road. For more information visit  www.tampabayskeptics.org.

Sep 052012

MonsterTalk, a podcast co-hosted by myself, Blake Smith and Karen Stollznow, won a Parsec, a national podcasting award. The Parsecs are annual awards created to recognize excellence in science fiction podcasts and podcast novels. MonsterTalk won in the “Best Fact Behind the Fiction” category, for podcasts that “explore the facts that influence the fictions—the science, history, culture, and mythology that inspire these stories.”


MonsterTalk is the science show about monsters, an audio podcast that critically examines the science (and sometimes folklore) behind legendary creatures such as Bigfoot, vampires, genies, werewolves, and chupacabras. MonsterTalk interviews scientists and investigators who shine a spotlight on the things that go bump in the night.

The award was presented September 1, 2012, at Dragon*Con, the world’s largest science fiction and fantasy conference, held in Atlanta, Georgia, over Labor Day weekend. Podcasts are episodic audio or video downloads similar to radio programs but are typically independently created and produced. MonsterTalk began in 2009 and has an archive of nearly 70 episodes. The MonsterTalk podcast is available free via iTunes; to listen to shows or for more information visit www.skeptic.com/podcasts/monstertalk.


Previous nominees and winners have include Brian Dunning’s Skeptoid podcast, the Geologic Podcast, Skepticality, The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, and the Astronomy Cast. For more information about the Parsec Awards, see www.parsecawards.com.

Aug 162012

FOR DECADES, legends of a giant sexually-assaulting bat-creature have trickled out of Zanzibar. In this episode of MonsterTalk Drs. Stollznow and Atlantis interview me about my investigation of the creature and the role that the monster called Popabawa has played in culture and politics in the United States.


You can read the show notes and listen to the episode HERE.