All cultures have some belief in monsters. Sometimes they are assumed to be real; other times they serve as metaphors or Boogeymen—scary entities to enforce social traditions and customs. From Bigfoot to lake monsters, mermaids to chupacabras, and Ben has investigated dozens of cases; here are some selected highlights.

Select investigations

Mermaid Sightings Claimed In Israel

Locals and tourists in the Israeli town of Kiryat Yam have been flocking to the coast in hopes of glimpsing a creature that most people believe only exist in fairy tales.
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El Chupacabra Mystery Origins Traced to 1995 Sci-Fi Film

Benjamin Radford has released what he says to be definitive proof that El Chupacabra is not real; it’s not even a hoax, he says.
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Our 10 Favorite Monsters

Mankind has always had a fascination with monsters. Mythologies from around the world include stories of strange and terrifying creatures, including the half-bull, half-human Minotaur of Greek myths, the living clay Golem of Jewish traditions, British elves and Chinese dragons.
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The Yeti: Asia’s Abominable Snowman

The Yeti, once better known as the Abominable Snowman, is a mysterious bipedal creature said to live in the mountains of Asia.
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Bigfoot Bluffin’: Curious Credentials in Cryptozoology

Called sQuatch Fest, a gathering of Bigfoot buffs brings together a panel of world-renowned speakers and Bigfoot researchers, and allows the public to trade sighting stories, buy merchandise, and catch up on the latest news about the world’s most elusive monster.
Read at Center For Inquiry

A History of ‘Real’ Zombies

Zombies are all the rage these days – on television, in movies, books and now in the news. Of course zombies aren’t new – they were co-opted decades ago by pop culture, especially in George Romero’s 1968 classic zombie film Night of the Living Dead.
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Other investigations

  • Bigfoot report
    The Pas, Manitoba, Canada, 2005
  • Bigfoot Reports
    Pocatello, Idaho, 2007
  • Bigfoot sighting
    Clarence, New York, 2006
  • Bigfoot Video
    Charlotte, North Carolina, ABC News, 2011
  • Champ Lake Monster
    Lake Champlain, Vermont / New York, 2002
  • Champ Lake Monster
    Lake Champlain, Vermont / New York, TV show- Learning Channel: “America’s Loch Ness Monster”, 2005
  • Chupacabra Carcass
    Blanco, Texas, 2009
  • Chupacabra Expedition
    San Juan River, Indio Maiz Reserve, Nicaragua, 2010
  • Chupacabra investigation
    El Yunque rainforst, Puerto Rico, 2010
  • Chupacabra investigation
    San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2010
  • Chupacabra report
    Rio Rancho, New Mexico, 2005
  • Chupacabra sighting
    Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2007
  • Cressie
    Lake Crescent Monster, Crescent Lake, Robert’s Arm, Newfoundland, Canada, 2003
  • Cuero Chupacabra
    Cuero, Texas, TV show- MonsterQuest: “Chupacabra”, 2008
  • Djinn Reports
    Cairo, Egypt, 1998
  • Djinn reports
    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 2007
  • Djinn reports
    Marrakech, Morocco, 2007, 2018
  • Duende / Bigfoot investigation
    Dangriga, Belize and Nicaragua, 1997
  • Georgie
    Lake George Monster, Lake George, New York, 2002
  • Ghost-Haunted Factory Toilet
    Gazipur, Bangladesh, 2013
  • Goatbird Monster
    Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, 2007
  • Igopogo Lake Monster
    Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, 2005
  • La Llorona: Wailing Witches Haunting the Ditches
    Corrales and Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2009, 2012
  • Likichiri vampire
    La Paz, Bolivia, 1997
  • Loch Ness investigation
    Loch Ness, Inverness, Scotland, 2006
  • Memphre Lake Monster
    Lake Memphremagog, Quebec, 2003
  • Mystery of the Moving Mummy
    Manchester, England, 2013
  • Ogopogo Lake Monster
    Lake Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada, 2005
  • Plagiarism research
    The Element Encyclopedia of Vampires, by Theresa Cheung, 2012
  • Popobawa Bat-demon Djinn
    Zanzibar Island, Tanzania, 2007
  • Thunderbird / Giant Avian Sightings
    Las Cruces, New Mexico, 2010