Miracles happen in specific settings, typically within a religious or sacred context. Radford has investigated dozens of cases; here are some selected highlights.

Select investigations

Are Angels Real?

Angels surround us all the time — figuratively if not literally — especially during the holidays. They appear in paintings, etchings, figurines, T-shirts, posters and just about everything else.
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A History of Religious Hoaxes

The trailer for the film “Innocence of Muslims” in 2012 led to riots over its depiction of the prophet Muhammad as a womanizer, child molester and criminal. Several Americans, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, were killed in protests that have been linked to the film.
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Bringing Levitation Down to Earth

St. Joseph of Copertino (1603–1663) began having mystical visions at the age of seven, but it was not until he began practicing his faith as a Franciscan priest that he realized the full potential of his mind’s power over his body—he was able to levitate.
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Skeptic Benjamin Radford on the Fátima Miracle

Paranormal investigator Benjamin Radford has written a piece for Live Science on the The Lady of Fátima & the Miracle of the Sun.
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Fatima Miracle Claims All Wet

The story of a famous miracle in Fatima, Portugal, began in May 1917, when three children claimed to have encountered the Virgin Mary on their way home from tending a flock of sheep. The oldest girl, Lucia, was the only one to speak to her, and Mary told the children that she would reappear to them on the thirteenth day of each of the next six months. She then vanished.
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Other investigations

  • Crystal Healing
    Sedona, Arizona, 2011
  • Djemaa El-Fna magicians and psychics
    Marrakech, Morocco, 2007
  • Human Pincushion
    St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
  • Ley Lines and Mystic Vortices
    Sedona, Arizona, 2011, 2018
  • Miracle Healings
    El Sanctuario de Chimayo, Chimayo, New Mexico, 2011
  • Miracle Mud Baths
    Chilca, Peru, 2006
  • Miracle Staircase at Loretto Chapel
    Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2009
  • Miracle Water Springs
    Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, 2007
  • Miracle Waters
    Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, 2011
  • Miracle Weeping Jesus Statue
    Laurel Run Township, Pennsylvania, TV Pilot: “Messengers”, 2009
  • Miracles / Holy Love Ministries
    North Ridgeville, Ohio, 2010, TV Show- Miracle Detectives: “Holy Apparitions”
  • Miracles of the Hot Eye: Ojo Caliente’s Healing Waters
    Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, 1998, 2010
  • Mysteriously Moving Anglican Church
    Moose Factory, Ontario, Canada, 2005
  • Stigmata Miracle
    Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, 2002