The world is full of strange and mysterious places, where (it is said) the laws of nature don’t apply. Ben has investigated—and visited—dozens of places, including Stonehenge, the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids, the Nazca Lines, the Bermuda Triangle, Machu Picchu, crop circles, the Amazon jungle, the Sahara, and many more. Here are some selected highlights.

Select investigations

’Lost’ City of Atlantis: Fact or Fable?

The idea of Atlantis — the “lost” island subcontinent often idealized as an advanced, utopian society holding wisdom that could bring world peace — has captivated dreamers, occultists and New Agers for generations.
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Discovery’s Mountain of Mystery Mongering: The Mass Murdering Yeti

A much-hyped two-hour Discovery Channel “documentary” aired on June 1, 2014. Titled Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives, the program delved into a decades-old pseudo-mystery known as the Dyatlov Pass incident in which nine Russian skiers died under unclear circumstances in the Ural Mountains.
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The Mystery of the Sailing Stones in Death Valley

California’s remote, beautiful, and foreboding Death Valley has held a mystery for almost a century: it has stones that seem to move on their own, when no one is looking.
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Bermuda Triangle: Where Facts Disappear

The Bermuda Triangle (also known as the Devil’s Triangle) is an area bounded by points in Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico where ships and planes are said to mysteriously vanish into thin air — or deep water.
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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Is There A Bermuda Triangle Connection?

As officials from several countries, and dozens of planes and boats, scour the South China Sea and the Bay of Bengal for the mysteriously missing China-bound Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 with 239 people aboard, some people are wondering if there might be some connection to the Bermuda Triangle.
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Revisiting the ‘Stonehenge Surprise’: The ‘Best Case’ for Crop Circles?

On Sunday, July 7, 1996, what has been called “one of the most complex and spectacular crop circle designs ever seen” (Andrews 2009) appeared in England.
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Other investigations

  • Bell Witch Mystery
    Adams, Tennessee, 2011
  • Chupacabra Expedition
    San Juan River, Indio Maiz Reserve, Nicaragua, 2010
  • Crop circle investigation
    Iona, Ontario, Canada, 2003
  • Disappearing Dhow Illusion
    Mombasa, Kenya, 2007
  • Djemaa El-Fna magicians and psychics
    Marrakech, Morocco, 2007
  • Ghost-Haunted Factory Toilet
    Gazipur, Bangladesh, 2013
  • Giant Stone Balls
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2006
  • Giant Stone Balls
    San Juan, Costa Rica, 2010
  • Great Pyramids
    Ghiza, Cairo, Egypt, 1998
  • Haunted Bar
    Cuchillo, New Mexico, 2009, TV- KRQE News
  • Ica Stones
    Ica, Peru, 2006
  • Labyrinths: Sacred Symbols
    Nijmegen, Holland, 1998
  • Ley Lines and Mystic Vortices
    Sedona, Arizona, 2011, 2018
  • Mad Hermit’s Cave Murder
    Las Cruces, New Mexico, 2009
  • Miracle Healings
    El Sanctuario de Chimayo, Chimayo, New Mexico, 2011
  • Miracle Mud Baths
    Chilca, Peru, 2006
  • Miracle Staircase at Loretto Chapel
    Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2009
  • Miracle Waters
    Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, 2011
  • Miracle Weeping Jesus Statue
    Laurel Run Township, Pennsylvania, TV Pilot: “Messengers”, 2009
  • Miracles / Holy Love Ministries
    North Ridgeville, Ohio, 2010, TV Show- Miracle Detectives: “Holy Apparitions”
  • Miracles of the Hot Eye: Ojo Caliente’s Healing Waters
    Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, 1998, 2010
  • Mysteriously Moving Anglican Church
    Moose Factory, Ontario, Canada, 2005
  • Mystery House
    Moose Factory, Ontario, Canada, 2005
  • Nazca Lines
    Nazca, Peru, 2006
  • The Haunted La Posada Hotel
    Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2011
  • UFO / Alien Crash Video
    Siberia, Russia, Discovery News, 2011