Jul 292008

Saw sneak preview of the new Mummy movie; it was okay for a third-generation Indiana Jones clone. I’m still preparing to send 1,200 deluxe (Ltd.Ed.) figurines to Atlanta, and trying to get all the stuff I’ll need. I got 250 4X4X6 boxes in bulk from a company called ULine. I decided I should make the packing peanuts go further by also using shredded paper as a cheap but good packing material (the technical word for it is “dunnage,” which just sounds silly to me). Anyway, I went to CostCo and bought a shredder for about $70, I’m probably one of the few people who is more interested in the product of the shredding than the actual shredding (I don’t really have many high-security papers). After a few test runs, I’m a shredding fool, like kid on Christmas morning with a Stomper 4X4 (you guys in your thirties know what I’m talking about). Soon I’m shredding more paper than the Bush White House.

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