The Site Goes Live

by | Jun 8, 2008 | News | 0 comments goes live! Yeah! The site looks awesome. The Web graphics art guy originally had a cool graphic novel feel to it, which I mostly kept, but I had him remove the severed, bloody Buddha head and the red stain from where it slid down a wall. That’s just tacky. We also set up a one-page site for my company, Balls Out Entertainment. I wrote the following copy for the site:

Balls Out Entertainment is an undisputed world leader in edgy fun, satirical entertainment, and pompous hyperbole. Formed just recently yet dating back to Caesar, Balls Out Entertainment is at once both new and improved.

Balls Out taught Chuck Norris everything he knows.

Balls Out knows where the WMDs were.

Balls Out doesn’t care if your doctor thinks we’re right for you.

Balls Out has employees on four continents who speak a dozen languages, including Aramaic and Esperanto.

Balls Out knows when you last masturbated.

At Balls Out, “We make everything you need, and you need everything we make.” We make Playing Gods: The Board Game of Divine Domination, and you need to buy it.

Thank you for your support.

I like it. It won’t be mistaken for any other board game company’s Web site. Plus, I managed to work in a Max Headroom reference.


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