My God is Badder than Your God!

by | Jul 20, 2008 | Playing Gods | 0 comments

I printed up a bunch of Playing Gods stickers. One says, “My god is badder than your god,” and the other says, “Be your own god.” I was going to enclose one in each game, but then I found out that shipping them to China would cost about $400. When you add in the cost of the stickers themselves, it got too expensive, so I had to abandon that idea. Still, I’ll give them out at conferences and enclose them free with orders I fulfill. I’m hoping they will be interactive, and I’ll encourage people to take photos of where they put (or find) the Playing Gods stickers: bumpers, halls, on the Eiffel Tower, on boobs, etc. I’ll have a place on the PlayingGods Web site (called Olympus) where people can share tips, meet up, and post the photos.

Actually, the idea came from a Web site I stumbled upon for a punk band called Kill Allen Wrench. I have no idea if they’re any good or not, but I dig their marketing style. On their Web site they have a few galleries of photos of their stickers sent in by their fans. Most of them are on, um, skin. Like naked groupie skin. I don’t expect a board game (even an ass-kicking, counterculture one like Playing Gods) to result in lots of softcore photos sent in by hot players hoping to win a prize, but I’m hopeful. And I mean that in a mostly non-sexist, pro-loving-your-body kind of way.


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