Russia, Georgia, Lasha

by | Aug 11, 2008 | Playing Gods | 0 comments

Opened up today’s newspaper to see that Russian tanks are attacking the Republic of Georgia. Lasha, the guy who sculpted the figures for my game, lives in Georgia, I think in the capital of T’bilisi. I e-mailed Jim at Firewheel Casting (who created the Ltd. Ed idols) to see if he’s heard from Lasha, if he’s okay. No word yet. I also realized, with a bit of panic, that I forgot to find and order envelopes or packaging for the Expansion Set. Shit shit shit. I took more boxes of Ltd. Edition idols to mail to Atlanta; all was going well until I tried to jam the 2 foot cubed box in my Toyota. Well, look at that. Won’t quite fit. Exasperated, I left it next to the front door and took the one that would fit, mailed it off. I’ll fill up a second huge box and borrow my dad’s truck to get it there. Thought of a new item for my site: “Balls Out knows the exact date that Axl is going to release Chinese Democracy.” Thought it was kinda clever, Blake agreed, so we put it up.


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