Bigfoot in Georgia? Playing Gods will be!

by | Aug 13, 2008 | Playing Gods | 0 comments

Finally got a response back from two foreign game distributors, one in Germany and one on England. (I had previously e-mailed each of them twice before, I guess persistence finally paid off. They want to know what terms I’m offering, and what shipping will be. I know the terms, but had no idea what shipping a case to Europe will cost. Set about finding that out, then interrupted by a reporter from the Kansas City Star, wanting to interview me about a supposed Bigfoot body that was found in Georgia. Gave half-hour interview, then back to work. Arranged for a gaming tournament at a Santa Fe game store called GameCo; basically, I’ll provide some promo materials (posters, stickers, etc.) and some prizes (T-shirts, figurines), and in return they do a little publicity and set aside a table for people to play the game for a few hours. Gets people in, becomes an event. Got a call from the ad guy from The Onion, confirming that I’m running the quarter-page ad in the August 21 (back to school) issue of the L.A. edition. I said yes—the one with the Buddha and the chain gun. I promised him an extra-special holiday ad, but I wouldn’t tell him what the tagline is. I don’t think they will object, but it might be controversial… So far I have 30 pre-orders, I was getting one or two a day for a while there, it seems to have stopped.


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