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by | Aug 28, 2008 | News | 1 comment

Thursday Aug. 27: Wow. Just wow. Been a crazy past few days; the day
before I left for the world premiere of Playing Gods in Atlanta, my
computer crashed. Some damn virus, I frantically looked for a place to get
it fixed in the waning working hours. Found a local place, literally about
the size of a large SUV, a former mini-golf hut that had fallen into
disrepair years ago and apparently recently moved into. Posted a last blog
on my backup computer and headed out the door.

Frontier airlines flight to Denver en route to Atlanta; left on time. I
noticed that our state Congressman, Tom Udall (and his wife, I suppose),
was on the flight (likely headed up for the Democratic convention). In an
article in the alternative weekly paper The Alibi I wrote about a month
ago, I called Udall's refusal to support impeachment proceedings against
Bush "political cowardice" and I stated that Udall had violated his Oath
of Office in refusing to protect the U.S. Constitution from "all enemies,
foreign and domestic." I don't mean to dip into politics here, but I
mention that because I was very tempted to ask my elected official
politely but loudly on the airplane if he had grown a fucking spine since
I'd published my column. In the end I didn't, mostly because I was
distracted by a very nice young woman with whom I swapped Latin American
travel stories.

Anyway. This morning, with a little help from my friends Ed, Blake, and
Chris, we loaded up a bunch of boxes and headed to downtown Atlanta to set
up the Dealer Table at Dragon*Con. If you don't know what it is, I can't
really describe it in any concise way, it's a massive fantasy/ sci fi / TV
/ film / gaming / nerdfest with over 30,000 people (many dressed as
pirates, elves, Klingons, superheroes, Harry Potter, etc.). WE arrived,
unloaded a bunch of boxes, and after getting badges we found out small
little table in the dealer hall (A54, in case you're curious). I was
pleased to see that we had some storage space, and decent room to set up.
Chris and I played with the banner while Blake checked for WiFi and
internet so we can process paypal orders. Hot and tired, we went for pizza
at a local place called the Mellow Mushroom, then met up Derek and Swoopy
from the "Skepticality" podcast, and helped them set up. A few other
things happened that day, including something involving beer, but we made
it back. It's late and time to go to bed, everything is in place, the die
is cast. Tomorrow the games officially go on sale for the first time…

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  1. Skepticality

    Thank you for dropping a copy of your game in my track room at some point! I tried to find you before you left, but I didn’t have your mobile phone number to ping you!

    Wanted to say ‘thanks for coming’ and goodbye and such.

    Now I have to go figure out some rules for your game and give it a whirl! 🙂


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