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Saturday Aug 30-

Crazy busy, mostly in a good way. Friday and Saturday we manned the
Playing Gods booth in the Marriott for 9 hours as a parade of costumed
folks walked by, everything from dragons to ninjas to jedis, and a few
female pirates with their bare booty. We sold about 50 games the first two
days, which is very respectable for a game that nobody had even heard of.
Wonderful support from my friends Blake, Chris, DJ, and of course my hosts
Ed and Diane allow me to pack 20 hours of stress into 12 hours, running
back and forth between the booth and my talks (I was on two panels so far,
including a Skeptics vs. Believers Debate Part 2). You get so busy you
don't have time to eat, or even respond to all but the most pressing phone

Two days of exhaustion paid off, as there's a very good buzz in the gaming
rooms, we're selling the games hand over fist for a while. Sunday is the
next biggest day, then it will taper off, but lots of very enthusiastic


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