PayPal fixes… and PG teaches the catechism!

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Wednesday Sept. 15

Okay, okay, a bit late updating my blog, but if you read my very first
post, WAY back when, in the introduction to my blog, I very specifically
said that I wasn't promising totally regular updates. Yes, I'll try to do
better, but if you're cranky about it, well, that's just hard cheese. (My
mood is getting better already, I managed to use an underappreciated

Well, the PayPal nightmare was in fact finally fixed. After several calls
to PayPal customer "service" I was transferred to a man named Roger who
was actually quite sympathetic and, while stopping somewhat short of a
full official apology with complete fanfare and obsequiesness, did fix the
problem and reinstate the charges. I therefore take back two of the ruder
comments I made about PayPal in my previous blog, leaving the remaining
six or so in full effect.

A few days ago I got a letter from a woman here in New Mexico about
Playing Gods. It was handwritten on wide-ruled school paper, and began, "I
would very much like to incorporate Playing God [sic] into my home
catechism program I conduct with my only student, my ten-year-old
daughter…" I wrote her back, explaining that while I was certainly
willing to sell her a game (NOTE 1), I wasn't sure how much her daughter
would learn from the game, unless the wanted the REAL story, such as that
priests are sometimes found with hookers and that people thank god for
saving them from disasters, but forget that God supposedly CAUSED that
disaster in the first place.

Other news: the games should be arriving in Los Angeles any day now;
trying to get updates from these people is like trying to get a straight
answer out of Sarah Palin about whether she supported or rejected her
state's infamous "bridge to nowhere" :one day it's yes, the next day it's
no, then it's back to yes again. I also am in the process of arranging
distribution to Australia and Germany (I hope the Ozzies don't look too
closely at the game board and realize I left them off the world!)

Note 1: If you will permit a digression, I recall reading a book / journal
called "Maledicta: The International Journal of Verbal Aggression." It was
a scholarly journal dedicated to the study of profanity, blasphemy, swear
words, insults, and the like. I even contribuited two articles to it, and
you can see more at Anyway, on the back cover
of the books was the Latin phrase "non olet," and when I asked the editor
(a friend of mine, an ex-felon jailed in federal prison for insulting the
judge in his divorce proceedings) what it meant, he said, "money doesn't
stink"– that is, he'll take what he can get


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