Playing Gods shipment arriving soon; Moosekiller Mom god?

by | Sep 23, 2008 | News | 0 comments

September 23: Not a lot to update; A few days ago I had a Playing Gods launch party in Albuquerque. It was pretty well attended for an invitation-only gig, lots of people got to play the game and have fun. I’m still trying to get a definitive answer about when the games will arrive; best guess at this point is Sept. 30. Word around the campfire is that the slow boat from China docked on Sunday, and now the trick is getting the shipment unloaded and onto a train headed east. I’ll contact the folks again tomorrow for an update. I sent out the first batch of orders! Anyone who bought the game plus the Limited Edition idols will get theirs first– partly because I want to show my appreciation for them buying the whole shebang, and partly because until the final version of the game comes in, the only games I have are not boxed with pieces in them, so I”m basically including the Ltd. Edition pawns for free (I’m almost losing money on them, but hopefully it will get good word of mouth). I’ve also been sending promo material to various magazines in hopes of getting a mention of the game; we’ll see if that does any good. Oh, and also I had an idea: What if I included Sarah Palin on the sticker sheet of gods? Maybe as Moosekiller Mom?


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