Playing Gods goes global!

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Friday November 7, 2008

My tradition of late blog entries continues! At least I’m consistent!

I’ve been getting orders from all over the world: South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, and of course England. Got one from Wales, or at least I think it was Wales, the place names were in the U.K. and had all sorts of consonants and very few vowels. I keep hoping / expecting to get an order from the Vatican. How cool would that be to get a photo of the Pope at a Playing Gods tournament? I expect he’d be Jesus– after all, the Bible is quite clear about God’s violent nature: “The LORD is a man of WAR,” states Exodus 15:3. Who am I to argue?

Oh, and the Rulebook translations are coming along. So far the Portuguese is done (thanks to my Brazilian friend Kentaro Mori), and the German is coming along. Hopefully I’ll have downloadable PDFs available on the Web site within the next week or two.

Yes, the games are off, distributors are getting their shipments in. I noticed yesterday that there’s now an page for Playing Gods. Whoever created the entry left out the real religious figures (Jesus, Moses, etc.) but that’s okay I guess! The pawns that are included in the game actually turned out better than I expected. They are pretty detailed, and made of a fairly flexible plastic. I had no input into the type of plastic, but at least I won’t have to worry about them breaking, as I do when shipping the Limited Edition figurines.

I sent a free game to state Senator Ernie Chambers, who made the news this year for his lawsuit against God. Chambers wants God held responsible for the acts of destruction He has caused. Latest news is that the suit was thrown out because God couldn’t be served with a summons, having no official home address. Perhaps the Pope could deliver it.

I’m hoping to get some decent holiday sales, despite the recession we’re in. To that end, I’m running ads in the L.A. edition of The Onion, as well as classified ads in The Nation. I’m also running a “Recession Special Offer” on my Web site; buy one game, get the second one at half price. The special will run until December.

Oh, and be sure to check out the Playing Gods mini-video featuring everybody’s favorite pissed-off spiritual heavyweight, Badass Buddha! We’ll have it on the Web page soon, but before it’s up, you can check it out at

By the way, I *think* I finally figured out how to keep the formatting from getting screwy when I post to the blog. Thanks to Dr. Atlantis for his techyhelp.


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