Ye Gods! The Xmas Rush! And Suing God!

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The last week has been busy (in a good way of course) for the Balls Out / Playing Gods team (which is me). A few orders came in from the Web site, and we got a another call from EvolveFISH folks, wanting more games! So I quickly packed up another 4 cases of games (in the freezing wind, I might add) and shipped them FedEx on their way.

A few weeks ago I sent a complimentary copy of Playing Gods: The Board Game of Divine Domination to Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers. I thought he might appreciate the satire in the game since he currently has a lawsuit against God. Sen. Chambers kindly wrote back, enclosing a copy of his lawsuit. It is a “Petition for Permanent Injunction” (Docket 1075, Page 462 in the District Court of Douglas County, Nebraska. It states, “This action seeks a permanent injunction ordering Defandant (God) to cease certain harmful activities and the making of terroristic threats.” In his complaint, Sen. Chambers notes the difficulty of serving legal notice to God: “Plaintiff, despite reasonable efforts to effectuate personal service upon Defendant (“Come out, come out, wherever you are”) has been unable to do so.”

But it is under Count II of the “Claims for Relief” that is most relevant to Playing Gods. Count II notes that “Defendant directly and proximately has caused, inter alia, fearsome floods, egregious earthquakes, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes, pestilential plagues, ferocious famines, devastating droughts, genocidal wars, birth defects, and the like.”

Note, by the way, that the exact wording of several of the complaints in Count II are identical to the “Wrath” cards (listing Acts of Gods) in Playing Gods, including (but not limited to) “fearsome floods,” “terrifying tornadoes,” and “devastating droughts.” Coincidence? Providence? Who knows? But Playing Gods may end up being part of the lawsuit asking God to cease and desist His harmful acts!

In other news, I finally have rulebook translations in German and Brazilian Portguese, so players from non-English speaking countries can have their chance to piss off the Almighty!


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