Playing Gods at the NY Toy Fair! And PG goes to Sweden

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Playing Gods: The Board Game of Divine Domination premiered at the New York Toy Fair two weeks ago. Yes, my nasty little game was (apparently) hobnobbing with the Big Boys like Hasbro and Mattel. I don’t know that for a fact, though, because I wasn’t there and I paid a not-so-small-sum to have it represented for me (as one of several games). I was hoping to get at least a few media queries, but not a one so far, which is disappointing. Oh well, at least it will (presumably) be seen at the Chicago Toy Fair later this year.

The economy is slapping everybody around, game folks included. While sales have been steady, there’s no denying that distributor sales (which made up about half of the sales in November and December) have slowed to a crawl. Maybe the stores aren’t ordering. Maybe they lost my e-mail. Maybe nobody’s got any money, and won’t until tax refunds come in. Whatever the reason, I’m focusing on the Web sales, and giving the best customer service I can. I usually send out an order within a day or two of recieving it– sometimes within hours. So far I’ve gotten nice customer feedback, people who appreciate the extra effort.

The U.K. launch has stops and starts– a friend of mine is helping with that, but it’s slow going and it’s hard to know just how much is being done. Hopefully the streets of London will be littered— I mean, tastefully decorated— with Playing Gods flyers and posters. It’s cheaper to have them printed there than done here in America and mailed across the pond, so that’s the plan. Overseas orders come in now and then— just yesterday I sent a game to Lund, Sweden. It’s near Malmo, and in between other cities that I can’t spell with this keyboard, but I’m sure they’ll have fun with it.

Coming up tomorrow, Saturday the 7th, there will be a Playing Gods demo and tournament at a local coffee and gaming store in Rio Rancho, NM, called The Inquisitive. The festivities start at 11 AM, and wrap up with a Q&A discussion about developing a board game, with lots of gaming in between. If anyone in the Albuquerque area is available, come on by, see the game, and win some prizes!


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