Easy work, $100 per day, long white beard and crazed look a plus

by | Apr 7, 2009 | News | 0 comments

Nothing too terribly much to report on the Playing Gods front…. A local newspaper article that I had thought would come out several weeks ago has not appeared yet. I politely inquired of the reporter, who assured me it was slated— though not for Easter weekend. (Frankly, I thought it would have been a great time for it). Latest word is to expect it on one of the final Sundays in the month. Oh well, I’ll take what I can get and be happy with it.

It is true that sales have slipped since the new year, but I’m trying not to take it to heart. After all, the economy is in the toilet, and everybody is hurting. I’m trying to take it as a challenge, to come up with new and interesting was to promote the board game, which after all is an excellent entertainment value. My latest idea is to hire a crazy looking old man to wear a sandwich board proclaiming the impending Armageddon. Except at the bottom it would of course have the Playing Gods Web site URL. I’m thinking I may need to put in a classified ad to find someone, something like this: “Help Wanted: Crazy (but not dangerous) looking old coot to pretend that the End Times are at hand, and sell a satirical new board game. Easy work, $100 per day, long white beard and crazed look a plus.” What do you think?


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