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Are you looking for holiday gift bargains?

Want to get your shopping done early and avoid crowds and the associated risk of Swine Flu?

Do you prefer to support local, indie projects, companies, and artists instead of multinational conglomerates who don’t care about you?

Have you heard about Playing Gods: The Board Game of Divine Domination, the world’s first satirical board game of religious warfare?

Can you guess where I’m going with this?


For only $35 (total, including shipping), I’ll autograph a Playing Gods game, personalize a message to the recipient, toss in an Expansion Pack deck and two stickers, gift-wrap the game, and ship it off for you with a personalized note saying you’re to blame. A lot of work for me, yeah, but it’s worth it to spread joy to the disgruntled masses (or even the gruntled ones) yearning for some fun and humor in their lives.

Not only will you save $15 off the regular cost of the game, but you’ll be giving an awesome, unique game to friends. The game has been mentioned in Playboy, debated at USA Today, lauded in the Albuquerque Journal, criticized by pointy-headed academics, protested against, and generally caused trouble.

Tom Flynn of Free Inquiry magazine loves it. Mike Reiss, a producer for The Simpsons, thinks the game is awesome. Adam “Mythbusters” Savage held the game high above his head during an auction in 2008. Celebrities like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Penn & Teller were given the game but ignored it, while Phil Collins and Bruce Springsteen* played the game and loved it. Check out the glowing reviews at for more.

For only $35, you can join this awesome list of people who have some tenuous link the game!

Why should you buy Playing Gods as a gift?

1) It’s a unique gift, autographed and personalized for the recipient.

2) Save yourself the time and hassle of shipping and waiting in lines at the post office.

3) You’re saving over $15 off the regular price when you include the Expansion Pack and shipping.

4) You’re supporting a totally independent game and project. Seriously, who needs your hard-earned money more?, or Balls Out Entertainment?

5) You were going to spend at least $35 on your friends anyway, right?

6) The games are guaranteed to arrive by Christmas or your money will be refunded.

7) I only have a couple thousand games left, and before you know it they’ll be gone and only available from some greedy pirate on eBay for twice the price. Plus, those games may be scuffed and faintly smell of cigarettes and urine.

8) If you wait, you’ll pay full price for the game. You don’t really want to pay full price, do you? I didn’t think so.

9) If you send the game to an easily-offended fundamentalist, it might just piss them off.

10) It’s what the Badass Buddha with the chain gun wants you to do!

Please note that this offer is NOT available through the Web site; it is only being offered to friends and supporters (though if you are reading this, you are welcome and encouraged to pass this offer along to others). Just e-mail me at or via Facebook, let me know who you’d like the game autographed to, and their address. You’ll be asked to pay via check, money order, or Paypal, and you’re done.

Offer expires December 10, so don’t wait!

* Both Phil Collins and Bruce Springsteen have purchased and played Playing Gods, though neither of them are famous musicians.


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