Radford RSS Goes Live: Technology Finally Catches Up

by | Aug 17, 2011 | News, Research, Skepticism | 0 comments

Welcome to the first post of Benjamin Radford’s RSS feed!

I’ve got a brand-spankin’ new Web site and I have decided that it’s about time to start a RSS feed. I’d been planning to do it for some time, but I was frustrated with the rudimentary technology I saw. Finally I decided that the Web would never match my high technological expectations (can your iPad make perfect coffee, or tell you when your milk will expire? I thought not.), and I could wait no longer. Cutting-edge technology has always been my middle name (this is not technically, literally, nor figuratively true) and I can’t wait for the Web Wizards to catch up with what I want to do, so I’ll settle for this.

I’ll post stuff, hopefully of interest, more or less as needed. Some of them will be announcements about my upcoming books or appearances, workshops, etc., but many will simply be links to a recent article or column I wrote that’s somewhere out there on the Web. Some of this will also appear on Facebook or The Google Plus, feel free to enjoy or ignore as you see fit.


And thanks for subscribing!



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