Chupacabra Article in The Bent Spoon Magazine

by | Aug 27, 2011 | Chupacabra, Investigation, Research, Skepticism | 1 comment

The latest issue of The Bent Spoon magazine (“The Skeptical Magazine for the True Believer”) is now out, and this issue’s topic is cryptozoology– the search for monsters and hidden animals. It includes articles and interviews with Ken Gerhard, Blake Smith, Jason Korbus, Bobby Nelson, Karen Stollznow, and much more.

Oh yeah, it also includes an article by me about how I investigated and solved the chupacabra mystery!

The issue is available for download HERE. 

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  1. Jason Korbus

    Hey Ben, I just found out about your mention of The Bent Spoon here on the blog. Thanks for contributing, and for giving us a little shout out here. I also have to make sure plenty of credit is given to Nick Callis, who publishes the magazine, contributes with writing, and furnishes those fine covers I geek out over each month. Thanks again…and now that I know this blog exists I’ll be a regular visitor.


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