Oct 132011

In case people are interested, my presentation at the American Folklore Society on Friday Oct. 14 will be available to the public. A number of sessions, including all the plenary addresses and my presentation “Folklore of the Chupacabra,” part of the “Fairy Animals, Demonic Beasts, and Fantastic Creatures in International Tradition” panel (1:30 PM Friday Oct. 14) at next week’s American Folklore Society annual meeting in Bloomington, Indiana, will be able to be viewed live online.

These webstreamed sessions will also be archived and available for viewing after the meeting.

The URL for all live streams and archived versions are listed below, as are the details for all streamed sessions. All times shown are Eastern US Daylight time (GMT-4). To view these sessions, Flash must be installed in your web browser.

Friday afternoon, October 14 live URL: http://www.indiana.edu/~video/stream/liveflash.html?filename=american_folklore_society_2

Friday afternoon, October 14 archive URL: http://www.indiana.edu/~video/stream/launchflash.html?format=MP4&folder=vic&filename=american_folklore_society_20111014_2.mp4

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