Guest Speaker on JREF Caribbean Cruise, Dec. 9-16

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I will be joining The Amazing Randi and a team of star skeptics (including D.J. Grothe, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Brian Thompson, Carrie Poppy, and Toni Van Pelt) for a cruise held by the James Randi Educational Foundation.

Some claim that the Mayan calendar predicts that the world will end this December, but we’re a bit skeptical. That’s why we’re setting sail on an unforgettable cruise from Tampa, Florida to the heart of Mayan civilization, with stops in Honduras, Belize and Mexico, to see some of the most beautiful Mayan ruins and celebrate skepticism while the world doesn’t end. Once on land, you will soak up the sun on the Roatan Bay Islands, Honduras, teeming with marine life and home to some of the best pillar coral in the Caribbean. And the beauty of Tabyana Beach is always a sight to see. Belize City, Belize was once home to a complex Mayan civilization, and today, many of the architectural treasures from that amazing lost culture remain for you to explore in virtually untouched verdant jungles. In the jungles of Costa Maya, an unspoiled coastal paradise in the Yucatán, you might spot brilliant butterflies, exotic tropical birds, deer, monkeys and even jaguars. And the island of Cozumel off the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula continues to be known for its fantastic snorkeling and diving opportunities. Despite the growth of tourism in recent years, the island and its only town, San Miguel, retain much of their original warmth and charm.

The cruise goes from December 9 to 16 and leaves from Tampa, Florida.

To reserve your stateroom, call (415) 952-JREF or e-mail More information can be found HERE. 


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