A Look at Failed 2012 Psychic Predictions

by | Dec 28, 2012 | Investigation, Media Appearances, Psychics, Skepticism | 0 comments

Here’s an interesting piece about failed psychic predictions from our friends at Relatively Interesting. Not only is it an excellent overview, but I’m also quoted (see below); you can read the story HERE.

Benjamin Radford, a regular contributor to many science based blogs, has this to say about psychics and their so-called predictions:

People should also ask themselves some simple questions when they hear psychics’ claims. If psychics can really find missing people, why aren’t they in Iraq, rescuing kidnapped hostages?  Why haven’t psychics caught serial killers before they kill again?  Why do different psychics give contradictory information?  Why do we need Amber Alerts to find kidnapped children?  And where are Osama bin Laden, Natalee Holloway, Lisa Stebic, Madeleine McCann, and the thousands of other people whom searchers are desperate to find?  On these questions, psychics are as silent as the missing persons they fail to find.




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