Undead Apocalypse: War of the Damned Game on Kickstarter

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Vampire leader miniature for Undead Apocalypse game.

Vampire leader miniature for Undead Apocalypse game.

As you may know, I have created and designed a new board game called Undead Apocalypse. It’s a cool mashup up zombies, werewolves, vampires, and humans, all battling it out in a post-apocalyptic world.


What’s the game about? This:

The year is 2060. After World War III the people of Earth thought it couldn’t get any worse; they were wrong. The nuclear devastation was bad enough, reducing once-great cities to rubble and forcing hardy survivors to scavenge for resources. But soon—whether the result of radiation, toxins, or supernatural wrath—ancient evils long thought mere legend awoke and took hold in the real world.

First it was vampires—bands of merciless undead who roamed the land, sucking the blood from whatever could not defend itself. Then came the relentless zombies, the rotten flesh-eaters who staggered through ruined cities in search of brains and other organs. Then savage werewolves suddenly emerged, springing from now-overgrown forests to feed on humans, zombies, and vampires alike. Leaders of each group arose—including half-human mutations with intelligence and feral cunning—to scavenge food and weapons, including chainsaws and machine guns, left behind in the wasteland.

Though undead ravaged the Earth, hope for mankind was not lost: Clans of humans remained scattered around Europe in small enclaves, trying to rebuild civilization. While the fearsome monsters had brute strength and supernatural powers capable of transforming humans into their kind with a mere bite, human scientists developed a vaccine capable of transforming the undead back into living humans.

Rumors soon spread of unholy grimoires—ancient magic books—hidden among the ruins that could be found and assembled to achieve even greater power. Using science and magic, these four groups are now engaged in the final war in Earth’s history. This would become known as the Undead Apocalypse: War of the Damned.


Please check out the Kickstarter campaign HERE, and consider donating to the campaign so we can make this game become a reality! And tell your friends–even if you’re not into board games or monsters, you probably have friends who are, and would appreciate the chance to be part of this!



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