Scientific Paranormal Investigation workshop at Dragon*Con!

by | Aug 25, 2013 | Investigation, Media Appearances, News, Skepticism | 0 comments

Once again this year I will be offering my in-depth workshop on Scientific Paranormal Investigation at Dragon*Con.


Ever wondered how to scientifically investigate ghosts, Bigfoot sightings, miracles, or crop circles? In movies and on television it looks easy, but how do real-life paranormal investigators discover what really happened, separating truth from myth?

This unique 2½ hour intensive workshop will betaught by Benjamin Radford. Radford is a Research Fellow with the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer magazine, co-host of the award-winning MonsterTalk podcast, columnist for Discovery News, and author of seven books including Scientific Paranormal Investigation: How to Solve Unexplained Mysteries. Radford is one of the top scientific paranormal investigators in the world, and has appeared widely on television, radio, podcasts, books, magazines, and blogs.

You can register HERE! 


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