CFI Blog: Secular Sacred Sites and Ghost Hunting

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It is not hard to find sacred religious sites; churches, synagogues, shrines, mosques, and other such places dot the landscape, offering a place for followers of one religious faith or another to join with others and worship.

There is another kind of secular sacred site that also involves respect for the dead, or at the very least respect for tragedy. Though not necessarily a modern invention, it is, I would argue, very much a product of the Internet age and its associated social activism…. You can read more HERE.



    I got interested in the story on Yahoo ‘Ghost hunters burn down old mansion’. I was compelled to narrate my encounter with a ‘ghost’ when I read how the perpetrators of the burning were being labeled ‘stupid’. I will now narrate it in more detail. It happened way back in 1977 when I was doing my Form Four(Grade 11 now) at Kambule Secondary School in Mongu town in Zambia. It was in the evening and we were enjoying a stroll with a very close friend along a road near to the Head Teacher’s office. We were lazily dragging our feet along the tarred road. All of a sudden, I started hearing the sound of my feet in front and above. I got surprised. How could the sound I was making with my feet appear to be coming in front and above. I looked up. There in front was a tall human like white glowing figure waving the way I was doing. I asked my friend what the figure in front was? He giggled in wonder, indicating that he was not seeing anything. I turned round and ran back towards the class rooms and my friend followed me. We found some pupils who were still studying and I narrated the incident. They all came outside to try and the figure. Nothing was seen. This is the first time I have narrated this event. I am a firm believer in science and the evolution of life and doesn’t believe in spirits(even at that time). This event really happened and I believe that I visualized the image and sound in my mind and there was no physical existence of that figure. Thanks. Sitwala Mabuku.

    • Benjamin Radford

      Dear Sitwala Mabuku,

      Thank you for sharing yourstory, that’s quite interesting! I wish I could have been there to see it!


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