“Encomium for a Chupacabra Slayer”

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Chupacabra, Folklore, Media Literacy | 0 comments

Delightful midevalist Eve Siebert wrote an encomium for me. I love it!

“Hwæt we æglæcena banan in geardagum wyrhta wundra þrym gefrunon, hu se hærleas ellen fremedon. Oft Hrædferhð heard in heortan feaht ða unsoðan feondas mid his meahte wordum. He sloh buccan sugeran mid his scearpre boce. Þæt wæs god tweonere.”

“Yes, we have heard in the days of yore of the glory of the monster-slayer, the worker of wonders, how the hairless one performed deeds of valor. Often Hrædferhð (Nimble Mind), brave in heart, fought the unreal fiends with his mighty words. He slew the suckers of goats with his sharp book. That was a good skeptic.”



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