Eyewitness Unreliability and the Filedrawer Effect

by | Sep 5, 2015 | Benjamin Radford, Cryptozoology, Investigation, Media Appearances, News, Psychology | 0 comments

My new blog on eyewitness testimony and how we can all be fooled…


Dennis Plucknett and his two sons, along with a friend, went hunting at a camp in northeast Florida in 2004. It was early morning, and the group had gotten separated. His¬†fourteen-year-old son Alex¬†was sitting in a ditch about 220 meters away from his father when someone yelled, “Hog!” The elder Plucknett grabbed his .308-caliber Ruger rifle with scope, steadied his aim, and fired one round at a boar in the distance. Within minutes, Alex was dead of a massive head wound, killed by his father’s shot….


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