The Theory and Practice of Skeptical Investigation: An Introduction

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Benjamin Radford, Investigation, Media Appearances, Media Literacy, News, Research, Skepticism | 0 comments

This Wednesday night (April 20) at 8 PM PT I’ll be presenting a 90-minute live Webinar titled “The Theory and Practice of Skeptical Investigation: An Introduction.” If you’re interested you can sign up HERE!


Join writer and scientific paranormal investigator Benjamin Radford as he discusses the nature of “unexplained mysteries” such as ghosts, Bigfoot, crop circles, and psychic powers. What does science say about the evidence for these topics? What is the nature of the “unexplained”? Many Americans believe things for which there is little evidence and no definitive proof. Yet the issue is not one of belief but evidence: Either ghosts, Bigfoot, and psychic powers exist or they do not; if they exist, there should be scientific proof. How good is the scientific evidence for these claims? How does a science-based investigator approach these “unexplained” mysteries and separate fact from fiction? Join us to find out!


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