“Did Ben Radford Solve the Chupacabra Mystery?” (Hint: Yes!)

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Benjamin Radford, Chupacabra, Cryptozoology, Investigation, Media Appearances, Research, Skepticism | 0 comments

There’s a YouTube video that’s been around since 2014 about my chupacabra research, though I only recently got around to watching it. It’s a little slow and amateurish, but a decent and concise summary; you can see it HERE. Of me he says, “I think [Ben Radford’s] done a great job and as far as I’m concerned he has solved the chupacabra mystery.”


You can find more on me and my work with a search for “Benjamin Radford” (not “Ben Radford”) on Vimeo.

Chupacabra illustration by Benjamin Radford

Chupacabra illustration by Benjamin Radford


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