Praise for Investigating Ghosts: The Scientific Search for Spirits

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Benjamin Radford, Books, Folklore, Ghosts, Investigation, Psychology, Skepticism | 0 comments

Over the new week or two I’ll be posting some blurbs and reviews of my new book Investigating Ghosts: The Scientific Search for Spirits. It is currently available as an e-book at and will be available in print in a few weeks (preferably at your local independent bookstore!).


“Radford pulls no punches as he investigates paranormal investigations, from popular TV series to famous self proclaimed investigators throughout history. He breaks down the pseudoscience of what we call the ‘paranormal’ and tries to look past the glitz and glamour of the current popularity and find something, anything that provides proof of the existence of ghosts.”

–Dave Schrader host of BEYOND the DARKNESS and Coast to Coast AM


You can find more on me and my work with a search for “Benjamin Radford” (not “Ben Radford”) on Vimeo, and please check out my podcast Squaring the Strange! 


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