‘Squaring the Strange’ Archives Recap

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As we approach our one-year anniversary Squaring the Strange, the podcast I co-host with Pascual Romero and Celestia Ward, I wanted to review early episodes you may have missed!



Episode 5: The Rolling Calf

What are we skeptical of this week? Ben discusses the hyped controversy about “13 Reasons Why,” and the long history of blaming fiction and protecting children; and Pascual talks about privacy concerns over the recent trend of listing one’s top ten concerts on Facebook. We learn about all sorts of “duppies,” or the Jamaican type of spirit or ghost, often in the form of an animal, and how they make for good neighbors and good parents. Ben and Pascual touch on the historic role of “the outsider” in folklore and ghost stories, and Ben lists some ways people in Jamaica protect themselves from duppies. Ben explains why the Rolling Calf is his favorite duppy, and he discloses a peculiar porcine habit of the Rolling Calf that he recently discovered. Lastly, a special bonus offer for the next ten patrons to sign up and support Squaring the Strange!


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