Squaring the Strange Archives: Bubonicon and Time Travel, Wherein We Make This Episode Not Late

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In the latest in a series highlighting past episodes and archives of Squaring the Strange, here’s a look back at a show you might have missed:


This week is a departure from our typical format. Ben is busy giving a talk about UFO conspiracies at Bubonicon, the annual sci-fi and weirdness festival in Albuquerque. This year’s theme is time travel, so Pascual and Celestia take the opportunity to discuss various types of time travel and how it’s used (or misused) in fiction. We poke into what physicists have said about the possibility and reminisce about the time-travel conspiracy theories surrounding the Large Hadron Collider. We also chat with a few Bubonicaon participants to see what they have to say about their favorite time traveler. You can here it HERE. 


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