Squaring the Strange Archives: Investigating Ghosts

by | Jul 25, 2018 | Benjamin Radford, Books, Folklore, Ghosts, Investigation, Media Appearances, Media Literacy, Skepticism, Squaring the Strange | 1 comment

In the latest in a series highlighting past episodes and archives of Squaring the Strange, here’s a look back at a show you might have missed:

This week we talked about my new book Investigating Ghosts: The Scientific Search for Spirits!

You can hear the show HERE. 


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  1. Eric London

    I helped with technical advice on a paranormal group with their electronics, out of wanting anything to do. The big speech always included ‘never fake evidence’ due to lack of credibility the paranormal field is plagued with. After a couple of years and one showdown with the groups leader, I was gone. I witnessed
    so much faking of evidence I could not in good conscience stay in the field or group. A lot of photos where out right Photoshopped fakes. I had worked previously as a dark room film technician.
    I am saddened in the amount of utter ignorance in ghost hunting by those who do not know what the scientific method even is. When every thing is a feeling or a guess, nothing substantial can be obtained.


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