Squaring the Strange: Monkey Hookers and the Pokemon Panic!

by | Sep 22, 2018 | Benjamin Radford, Investigation, Mass Hysteria, News, Psychology, Skepticism, Squaring the Strange | 0 comments

In this recent show we start with a quick look at a dog-buys-cookies story that took Celestia down a path of searching out pet videos and, finally, reading about whether or not monkeys can be taught to understand currency. Then I revisit an investigation I did on the Pokemon Panic, a wave of illness that struck Tokyo children in the 1990s during an episode of the incredibly popular show–a phenomenon that was referenced again this summer as journalists warned of the strobe effects in Incredibles 2. But what are the numbers, and how exactly does photosensitive epilepsy work? And what was to blame for the thousands of children falling ill that week in Tokyo?

Please check it out HERE! 


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