Squaring the Strange Archives: On Being Believed

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Benjamin Radford, Gender Issues, Investigation, Media Literacy, News, Psychology, Squaring the Strange | 0 comments

In the latest in a series highlighting past episodes and archives of Squaring the Strange, here’s a look back at a show you might have missed: 


This week we start with Celestia’s tale of having a “tongue analysis” while on a cruise, which amounted to an alt-med version of cold reading. Then we examine a critical but controversial topic: are accusers routinely disbelieved in sexual misconduct cases? Ben brings some statistics on the public’s view of high-profile accusations, and Celestia tackles data on police handling of rape reports. How true is this notion, and, more importantly, what harm does inflating such a notion cause?


You can listen HERE. 


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