Squaring the Strange #1-something: Penis Castles, Teletubby Purses, and Suicidal Larpers

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Benjamin Radford, Conspiracy theories, Films, Folklore, Investigation, Media Literacy, News, Research, Squaring the Strange | 0 comments

This week we were joined by Erik Kristopher Myers to discuss a short history of a particular sort of easter egg: the dreaded “hidden subversive element” stuck into a kids’ show or game, either by a perverse animator or a much more sinister coalition bent on corrupting the youth of America. Disney has made a cottage industry of hiding adult content in cartoons–whether real or simply rumored. And the rumors of subversive dangers in D&D both plagued and popularized the once-obscure RPG. From pareidolia to pranks to the people who wring hands over such dangers, we break down a long list of memorable legends.

You can listen to it HERE. 


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