Squaring the Strange #117: Testing Psychic Detectives Part 2

by | May 10, 2020 | Benjamin Radford, Investigation, Media Literacy, Psychics, Psychology, Research, Skepticism, Squaring the Strange, Squaring the Strange | 0 comments

This installment finishes our discussion on three missing persons cases that Ben, Celestia, and Kenny followed in real time and tracked with psychic detective predictions on how the cases would play out. Part 2 features Ben’s examination of the Harley Dilly case, a teenager who went missing in December of 2019. The same content warning applies: we must discuss some details of the case that may be disturbing to some listeners. With these three case studies, it becomes clear how well-meaning (and sometimes not-so-well-meaning) psychics gum up the works at police departments and cause distress to the families as tragedies occur. With social media, this effect is increased with the second-wave effect as followers on social media send and resend a psychic’s prediction to authorities. 


You can listen HERE!



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