“I Don’t Like Your Maple!” (?)Questioning a Viral Outrage Meme

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Benjamin Radford, Media Literacy, Psychology, Skepticism | 0 comments

Saw this circulating, and I’m a bit skeptical….


I read “I don’t like your maple” but I guess “mask” is possible. It seems to end with an ‘e’ and there may be an ‘i’ in there somewhere. If it was accompanied by a quote that would help. If it does say “mask,” I’d be curious to know what the specific mask was: did it have a Confederate flag or something offensive printed on it? “I don’t like your mask” seems oddly phrased if it’s meant to mean “I don’t like people wearing masks around me” (why would you care, and where have you been for the past month?) or “I don’t like the fact that you [servers] are wearing masks” (why would you care, or punish the employee?). And there’s no date or any other info on it. It could be legit but given its moral outrage clickbait tone I suspect there’s more to this photo; if anyone happens to see more info on this, I’d be curious…


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