Squaring the Strange # 126: Strangeness Set in Stone

by | Aug 3, 2020 | Benjamin Radford, Folklore, Media Literacy, Research, Science, Squaring the Strange, Urban legends | 0 comments

With statues being front and center in the news earlier this month, we decided to take a few tours of the stranger side of statues. From graveyard statues that take strolls when you’re not looking to spooky statues that allegedly can’t be photographed. Myths involving statues coming to life, or live people being turned to stone, is a rich vein of folklore that reaches forward even to our most recent pop culture. Ben recounts some cases he personally investigated of miraculous “weeping” statues, and then we cover statues as guerilla art pieces that appear mysteriously overnight as publicity stunts and political statements.

You can listen to it HERE! 


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