The Bad Clowns Return… Because It’s 2020

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Bad Clowns, Benjamin Radford, Books, Folklore, Hoaxes, Media Appearances, Media Literacy, Urban legends | 0 comments

According to a Newsweek article: “Two YouTubers in Belgium have been fined for dressing up as scary clowns and carrying a fake AK-47 assault rifle while trying to film a prank video back in January 2020. Following their arrest, the 24-year-old men from the Flemish municipality of Waregem were not remorseful and said that scaring some people would be worth the video. They said in a statement: ‘Frightening a few people is not so bad if you can please a multitude of people.”

For more on these scary clowns and clown panics, see my award-winning book Bad Clowns:







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