I recently had a free-ranging chat with Vito D’Amico (aka The Amazing Vito) on myriad things including the perils of Zoom masturbation, Bigfoot sex, the wanna-be “vampire” roommate of a girl he dated, why ghost beliefs can be harmful, confirmation bias, why real animals are more amazing that imaginary ones, and more. Check it out!


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  1. Gavin Jackson

    Ben Radford

    Hi Ben,,
    Hope u are well during this very messed up time we’re having.
    So, im writing this because i just read ur write up on live science about demons.
    First I’ll say, nice for the amount of info u put into it, research done.
    BUT,, I have to say, the first part really got my back up to the point i was reading and asking ” who made this guy god?” .. Reason being the way u have dismissed the existence of demonic beings as fact.. Fairy Tales,,Hollywood Movies,,Folklore and worst of all psychiatric problems.. So, apart from wanting to know what makes you so 100% right, right enough to write it as such i wanted to tell u that i am medically sound ,,i work full time, quite intelligent and can hold a good conversation,, however,, for nearly 2 years now i have been being attacked by demonic entities, so much so that at one point i was close to ending it. No joke.. Started off like soneone was standing just behind my shoulder on drivers side outside car if i was parked up, i would see a figure out my peripheral, turn round, no one there. This went on and on until it entered the house, i would get attacked, sexually in bed, then i finally caught a girl in our room on video, at 2:30am,, walking out of our cove, and just stare at me. I showed this video to the whole family.. clear as day. I didnt know she was demonic i was just glad that i finally got evidence someone was in our house. Then the videos got creepier and more unhuman. But i couldnt understand how i have not been able to catch this girl physically all that time when i was looking for her.. Anyway, it became clear when i started filming demonic faces, and spirits caught on film that was not there naked eye. Since then it has escalated and escalated to now being constantly attacked by these little things, To the naked eye they are like fluff or dust or little squishy balls, but on camera they are flying orbs. They constantly fly at me and land on me and will not stop.. Living Nightmare is what i am having. And seeking any priest, pastor or minister who can help with this. Ny praying is not strong enough yet, i dnt know if it ever will be.
    I mean no disrespect sir, but to read that, with what i am living through,, kind of hits u like ur wifes cheated on u..
    And i will add,, before this started happening to me, i too was a sceptic,, not a disbeliever,, just a sceptic.. Now, i know so much on the subject of demons its unbelievable and all fits into place.

    If ever u would like to reply my name is Gavin Jackson im from Bristol.

    Take Care



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