Sneak preview of ‘Skeptical Inquirer’ cover

by | Feb 6, 2022 | Investigation, Media Appearances, News, Psychology, Skepticism | 1 comment

Sneak preview of the upcoming issue of ‘Skeptical Inquirer’ science magazine! Cover illustration by my friend and Squaring the Strange co-host Celestia Ward, look for it on newsstands and in your mailbox in 2 weeks!

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  1. James D Buchanan

    Science is man’s study of something bigger that man kind knows how to deal with. Without the presents of something being there, Science has irrelevant meaning. How we look at a study and end up with a conclusion, is solely an opinion. Proof? How many scientists have debunked other scientists?
    Ghost are real. I have the proof. Your lack of knowledge and understanding is no road block to my continuing to prove what I know.
    You make your living on contradictory irritability. I am one who is not irritated. My knowledge will not make you money. I will not share what I know with you. Only that, you are so very wrong.
    Yes, I know you will think of me as a Crack pot. Who cares.


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